Apley Technology works across the chemicals sector providing market information and consulting. Formed in 2015 the companies core strength is chemistry and the use of chemicals in diverse markets and we work with commercial or technical people in companies that use chemicals in their business.

We are based in the UK co-operating with companies globally.



We provide company professionals with information to support business

Market Reports

We produce tailor-made confidential market reports for companies.  These concise and clear reports are designed to capture a snapshot of current market conditions in the subject of interest, i.e supply and demand, trends, competitor landscape, M&A activity, and forecasts.  Our clients typically assign us for single reports and then request quarterly or half-yearly updates to monitor the market.

Investigations & Third Party Support

We carry out investigations for clients who need commercial or technical information on a specific issue in order to make a business decision. For example we helped one client with a check on the regulatory status of their products in the European Union. We also help clients who have an issue they cannot solve directly and need a third-party to help them as an intermediary.

Market Data

We are able to collect and analyse global data on shipments of commodities and specialities and study the import and export of materials country by country in order to capture information on market trends with hard data on product flow and generate forecasts of future potential for new and existing business. 


We provide professional advice on organic chemistry, scale-up, production, 
technical sourcing, sales and regulatory compliance


We provided consultancy to a company starting up first production of a novel complex compound by biotechnology and provided advice and support during the scale-up trials and commissioning of a new production plant.

Food & Nutrition

We produced a market research report for a manufacturer of food additives giving them a market overview on supply side, the trends and latest drivers, and forecasts and new developments in the market.


We provided consultancy to a company active in the excipients market and helped them with global technical sourcing of hard to find excipients. We located sources and supported them on approval of new products.

Commodity Chemicals

We produced a market research report for a commodity chemicals producer collecting and analysing market data and identifying the key drivers and trends in the market and giving advice on the technical equivalence of their products against rival product.